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Liz Polk Lynch

Currently the Director of Marketing at WrkSpot. Formerly, I have run organizations at Autodesk and Intuit, done what I hope is great direct marketing for Fairchild Publications, ARTnews Magazine, and Working Assets, and helped several start-ups get on their feet. I've also been a pastry cook, which led to starting & running a bakery for several years.

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WrkSpot Users' Top 5 Features

As a relatively new WrkSpot employee, and a marketer, some of my first questions were, “What do our users love about Wrkspot?” “What do people really value?” The best way to find out is to ask actual customers. So we did. Based on customer feedback,...

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5 min read

What working as a hotel housekeeper taught me about life

When I finished college, I was at a bit of a loss. I knew what I wanted to do, but the thought of moving to a large city and actually looking for a job, especially during a recession, was daunting. So I took advantage of a student visa extension and...

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2 min read

What are room beacons & why should you care?

Let’s start with IoT, the Internet of Things. In my mind, IoT is still firmly connected with the idea that my refrigerator will talk to me and remind me that I’m out of milk. That’s a thing that could behave differently if it were “smart” and connected,...

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6 min read

Keeping Employees...and Keeping Them Engaged

The news continues to be full of The Great Resignation, and we all feel it. As recently as last week, the New York Times reported that staffing levels for hospitality businesses continue to be 10% below pre-pandemic levels and people in our industry are...

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Something New is Happening at WrkSpot

You’ve probably noticed a different look on the WrkSpot blog. looks a little different too. After some discussion, debate, thought, and more debate, we’ve changed our logo.

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4 min read

The Challenge of New: Embracing & Managing Change with Your Staff

Whenever someone talks about the challenge of change, I hear David Bowie in my head. “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes….” The second line of that song turns out to be “turn to face the strange.” I rarely hear song lyrics correctly, so this was news to me, but it...

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