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Something New is Happening at WrkSpot

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You’ve probably noticed a different look on the WrkSpot blog. looks a little different too. After some discussion, debate, thought, and more debate, we’ve changed our logo.

Why a change? The red and blue WrkSpot logo communicated a lot – energy, connectivity, a platform, disruption, & change,…. But we felt it was missing a lot too. Our new look is intended to tell you that we’re friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, direct, helpful, and above all, simple. We designed our new look to say that WrkSpot is...

  • modern (We’re bringing you the latest technology to help you manage your properties more effectively.)
  • clean (We’re keeping it simple, and continue to refine that every day.)
  • knowledgeable & straightforward (We understand your problems, and we provide guidance and solutions to solve them..)
  • friendly & approachable (We’re human; you can talk to us; and we’re here to help.)

We’re still energetic, connected, and different. We’re still the only solution that combines room operations with staff management - while keeping you compliant. But without being an approachable, knowledgeable, and direct partner, we can’t help you succeed. That’s an important message to send as we move toward our formal launch. And it’s an important message to send to users who have been with us for a while. We’re with you. And we only succeed when you do.

You’ll see more changes on our website. Our previous pages told you a lot about what our software could do, but not a lot about how it would help you manage more efficiently, get more from your staff, do more with better visibility across your properties, solve problems before guests are affected, and be better protected by knowing who is where and who needs help. We’ve just started to tell that story, and you’ll see it develop over the next several weeks.

And speaking of changes over the next several weeks, you’ll also see the new logo appear in the app, as our engineering team folds the new logo in with software updates. 

We hope you like our new look and what it says about what it’s like to use WrkSpot. If you’re a current customer, we hope you’re saying, “I knew that about you already.” If you’re not a customer yet, check us out.

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