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Panic regulations are nothing to panic about

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WrkSpot is based in Los Angeles, so we are currently surrounded by talk of panic buttons, compliance, the search for solutions, and yes, some griping about the need to meet yet more requirements in an industry that already has so many. The new City of Los Angeles Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance (Known as the HWPO–see a good explanation of the full ordinance here.), goes into effect on August 12. The ordinance includes the requirement that all hotel staff who work alone (without another hotel employee) in guest room or restroom settings must be supplied with a panic button that also signals the employee’s location.

Panic regulations are not new. New Jersey has had requirements in place since June of 2019. All New Jersey hotels with more than 100 rooms are required to provide their staff with a Bluetooth panic button. And the fines are stiff. Hotels that fail to meet the requirement must pay $5,000 for a first violation and $10,000 for any subsequent violation. Washington State and Illinois passed similar requirements at about the same time, and both Seattle and Chicago created even tighter city-specific regulations. With Oakland, Sacramento, Santa Monica, other LA-area municipalities, and now Los Angeles implementing panic button requirements, it seems likely that California will implement state-wide requirements at some point, although they may vary from the city-specific mandates already in place. Miami Beach has required panic buttons for all hotel employees since 2019, so that’s another state to watch.

All of this is to say that panic button requirements are likely to come to your area at some point. Whether you’re scrambling to meet a deadline or just want to be prepared, here are some things to consider:

First of all, this really is a great thing for hotel employees. Yes, it is another device for them to carry, and it is something else for you to track. But your staff deals with risky situations all the time, and just knowing that help is a button push away is reassuring. 

Second, there are many solutions to choose from, so if you want a simple panic button you have options.

Third, this is a great time to take a look at WrkSpot and see if our full-featured panic solution is a good fit for you. (We’re a little biased, but we think it probably is.) 

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Even if you are already familiar with WrkSpot, our panic features may not have been on the top of your mind. Yes, WrkSpot has a simple panic functionality, with the standalone panic button you are used to seeing. Simply press the button on the fob, and you've started the call for help.

web_panic_view_2dWrkSpot also complies with the LA HWPO by highlighting the location of the panic situation on a map of your hotel. A quick look at your 2D or 3D map tells you not only who pushed the panic button, but where they are and who is currently nearby to help. You don’t have to radio your entire team to understand the situation. You literally have it in the palm of your hand.

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Finally, my personal favorite of the WrkSpot panic features: WrkSpot includes a mobile app, which means employees can use it on their own phones without carrying an additional device. When triggering a panic on their phone, employees can choose the panic type. That means someone can accurately report a fire, a medical emergency, a sprinkler going off,... triggering the right type and degree of response. 

All of this comes with the ability to integrate with other aspects of your property’s operations, including time & attendance, employee scheduling, housekeeping room assignment, maintenance ticket creation, preventative maintenance, and the ability to see data and details across your entire portfolio. There’s no longer a need to get a panic system and combine it with multiple solutions to multiple problems. It all works together in WrkSpot.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can schedule an informational conversation or a demo here. Or just take a look at our site and compare to the panic-only solutions you may be considering. And when it comes to meeting panic regulation requirements, know that we have you covered.

Don't panic about hotel panic solutions. WrkSpot has an answer.

Panic regulations are nothing to panic about

WrkSpot is based in Los Angeles, so we are currently surrounded by talk of panic buttons, compliance, the search for solutions, and yes, some griping...

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