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WrkSpot Users' Top 5 Features

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As a relatively new WrkSpot employee, and a marketer, some of my first questions were, “What do our users love about Wrkspot?” “What do people really value?” The best way to find out is to ask actual customers. So we did. Based on customer feedback, here are the WrkSpot Top Five.

#1 is Dashboards! WrkSpot users live and die by their dashboards. That’s a little dramatic, but dashboards really are a central feature for many WrkSpot users, and are highly valued by GMs and owners who love data and know how to use it. The flexibility of selecting which dashboard cards you want to include lets you see the metrics that matter most in your work and see them all in one display. If you need details, you can quickly click into a deeper view of the area that demands your attention at the time. And you can access all of this from your office, from home, or from the road–no more having to be on-site to ensure you know what’s happening.

Scheduler#2: Scheduler

Easy-to-use templates let users save time while ensuring they are staffed properly–then copy schedules from week to week with just a click. Managers see employee availability as they plan, and can notify employees of new schedules and shifts directly through the app. Printing schedules to post  is easy too. WrkSpot’s scheduler uses predictive budgets based on metrics you define so you can see how your labor costs are tracking as you build the schedule.

#3: Housekeeping

Why do people love WrkSpot's housekeeping module? Because, "It allows me to catch issues before guests do." Allocate rooms across housekeepers or tailor your assignments more specifically using drag & drop. Then use real-time room status, task completion rates, and room inspection pass rates to increase visibility into how the business is really working. Now GMs and department heads know immediately when they should think about reinforcing processes and standards or do some retraining to ensure their staff is performing at their best.

#4: Smart Hotelweb_panic_view_2d

Onboarding with WrkSpot includes creation of a map of every hotel. Room-level location tracking uses that map to show owners and managers who's where at any time during a shift. Now you know who's closest to a guest request or can pick up an extra room without searching the halls or putting out a request via walkie-talkie. A quick chat (favorite feature #5) and the issue is quickly and quietly taken care of. Should trouble arise, you also know who needs help and how to find them. (See our earlier post for more on how Smart Hotel uses IoT to ensure employee safety and improve your guest experience.)

#5: Chat

Gone are the days of loud walkie talkie conversations echoing down your hallways, trading post-its, or searching the property for someone who can deliver a toothbrush to room 315, only to do it yourself and then find that it was already taken care of. Now you can chat directly in the WrkSpot app from wherever you are. Include your entire staff, a subgroup, or just chat 1:1. Ask questions or raise issues immediately and get a response just as fast. WrkSpot’s chat also solves one of the biggest communication issues we face–language barriers. Now you can chat in your preferred language and the person or people you’re chatting with can receive it and reply in theirs. No more misunderstandings…at least not because of a language difference.

Of course, these five features are just the start. WrkSpot users find a lot to love, and we’re continuing to improve WrkSpot all the time. If you are a user and don’t see your favorite feature listed, add a comment or send us a note–we’d like to know what’s most important to you. If you aren’t a user and have questions, please ask us here.

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