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Simple hospitality compliance: training documentation made easy

Simple hospitality compliance: training documentation made easy

Simple facts: The hospitality industry must provide safe conditions for employees and guests. Hotels and similar establishments must also comply with all pertinent laws—or risk being fined. Compliance fines are a constant concern, with violations costing millions of dollars annually. 

However... considering that states often have different laws, hospitality compliance can be a huge undertaking. This is especially true for hotel managers tasked with keeping track of staff training and hotel operations documentation.

Good systems and processes can make all the difference. And good software can help you manage pertinent data, maximizing operational efficiency and ensuring vital documentation is always readily accessible. The right hotel management software gives you the tools to stay compliant—and saves you a good deal of time and money in the process. That’s far more significant than you may imagine, given that proper hospitality compliance means earning approval in no less than three critical legal areas.

OSHA Compliance

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, doesn’t specifically cover the hospitality industry. However, because its mandate encompasses industry in general, part of its mission is to regulate health and safety for hospitality workers. 

hospitality complianceIn practical terms, that means a good deal of paperwork, including reports of work-related illness or injury. Actual inspections are rare, but they do happen as OSHA inspectors look for potential safety hazards. 

Violations can result in stiff penalties, particularly repeat violations or an inability to correct earlier citations. The Covid-19 pandemic has added additional complexity to hospitality compliance, including new health and safety standards to prevent spreading the virus.

WrkSpot is the ideal hotel management software to ensure OSHA compliance. That includes enabling hotel managers to see when a staff member is not up-to-date on training, tracking paperwork, scheduling training for housekeeping or other roles, and more. 

The advantages don’t stop at OSHA compliance—WrkSpot also streamlines processes to save your staff time. By automating lengthy and tiresome functions, the software improves operational efficiency while keeping OSHA fines in check and overall safety where it needs to be.

ADA Compliance

Hotels and other establishments that offer accommodation to differently-abled guests must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA. Staff well-being is also protected under ADA requirements. 

hospitality compliance ada disability

Staying abreast of the specifics helps improve hotel management, minimizes fines and litigation, and promotes health and respect among guests and hotel staff. The financial rewards can be considerable. A hotel or motel that accommodates the needs of travelers with disabilities can expect to reap the benefits of a largely untapped market.

To maintain compliance, hotel managers need to track updates to the ADA and implement any necessary alterations as soon as feasible. Doing this not only ensures hospitality compliance but acts as a strong incentive for disabled travelers to visit your establishments. 

WrkSpot has the tools for ADA compliance to help players in the hospitality industry stay on top. Advantages include appropriate ADA updates and help with making alterations and organizing attendant paperwork. These pros assist hotel managers in taking whatever steps necessary to remain compliant.

Labor Compliance

woman handing fresh linens hospitality complianceThe hospitality industry is labor-intensive by nature. Everything requires hands-on work, from construction to housekeeping, from cooking to bartending. Most accommodation establishments allocate a substantial portion of their operating expenses to staff wages. That makes existing labor laws as important as OSHA and ADA compliance. 

It’s essential to address changes in labor laws promptly and correct any deficiencies straight away. Doing so not only reduces fines, but it also improves workplace conditions.

Staying up-to-date with the latest labor laws requires taking several preemptive steps, such as training sessions, employee handbooks, and compliance guidelines. WrkSpot can handle all aspects of labor compliance and more. For instance, time-intensive duties like recording clock-ins and clock-outs and ensuring that all employees take breaks. 

Hospitality compliance also provides tangible benefits to your workforce and your business operations as a whole. Productivity and employee satisfaction go up, even as time, resources spent, and staff turnover go down.

Leverage Technology and Mobile Tools to Stay Compliant

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, health and safety are more important than ever. The hospitality sector is particularly vulnerable to concerns about health, which go to the very core of the industry. 


A hotel or motel with a reputation for adhering to current compliance regulations and providing safe and secure accommodation for their guests will do far more than save money on fines. This is a matter of reputation management. If customers trust a given establishment, they’re more apt to use it than one they don’t.

Technology has advanced to the point where it can readily simplify compliance documentation. You can provide accuracy and transparency with the right software while following the latest viral safety guidelines. Further, monitoring key protocols ensure that everything else also meets top standards. 

WrkSpot’s “People” section allows managers to distribute training for housekeeping and other staff members in compliance protocols and keeps track of who has completed the necessary instruction. This ensures smooth processes and close attention to detail.

WrkSpot: Helping You and Your Employees Avoid Compliance Fines

WrkSpot offers you the right tools to make everything easier when managing hospitality compliance. This includes documentation for OSHA, ADA, and a host of other pertinent statutes, not to mention hotel management operations and workforce training. Accommodation providers can avoid potential noncompliance fines while keeping up with any changes to the law—saving time and effort as well as money. 

If you think WrkSpot might be a good fit for your establishment, contact us today to set up a demo!

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