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Best Practices for Avoiding Compliance Headaches and Costs

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As a hotel manager, you must ensure the safety of your guests, employees, and the general public. In the COVID and post-COVID era, this requires strict adherence to an ever-increasing array of regulatory compliance and legal requirements, on top of pre-existing compliance needs. Failure to comply with any of these can result in hefty fines, labor issues, damages to your brand’s reputation, and loss of competitive advantage. 

Staying on Top of Compliance

From labor compliance issues and OSHA requirements to I-9 forms to demonstrate legal employment, you are subject to many compliance regulations. Ensuring overtime (OT), meal breaks, and holiday rules based on geographical location can be challenging but are imperative to avoid fines, lawsuits or, in severe situations, criminal prosecution. 

Proving compliance is also a responsibility. In most cases, documentation is not a choice but a matter of law. As time-consuming and annoying as onboarding paperwork can be to organize, you must ensure that specific records are kept on file during and even for a period of time after employment.

SmartUsing Smart Hotel Technology

Making Employment Paperwork Easy

The right hotel management solution flags compliance issues on new hires, helping to ensure all required records are on file. Such systems also help hotel managers stay ahead of ever-changing regulations with alerts and notifications.

Meeting Conflicting Requirements

One of the more challenging aspects of compliance is that requirements are sometimes in opposition to each other. Hoteliers in West Hollywood recently found themselves under fire for enacting COVID cleaning standards that dramatically overworked staff. New quality standards were adopted in response, ensuring that no housekeeping staff member would clean more than 4,000 square feet of space across an eight-hour shift. 

Without applying smart technologies, it is difficult for managers to accurately track things like “square footage cleaned” across hotel properties in real-time. Upgrading to smarter technology systems lets you better manage human capital and other resources, such as ensuring preventative maintenance of hotel rooms.  

Real-time Tracking

Smart technology provides the real-time visibility to know where every staff member is at any given time, helping to:

  • Manage workloads
  • Address guest requests quickly and efficiently
  • Assure worker safety
  • Provide invaluable information when issues arise—issues that could turn into insurance claims or lawsuits.  

Reducing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance is essential. Any hotel that has found itself subject to a serious claims process or lawsuit understands the immense headache those situations pose. 

Implement a Next-Generation Hotel Management Solution

Today, your hotel can - and should - be working to reduce compliance risk by monitoring operations in real time and accessing the micro-trends and key business insights your hotel generates daily. A next-generation hotel management solution provides real-time visibility and data analysis to push your organization’s quality, safety, and compliance standards forward. 

We can help!

WrkSpot integrates all your hotel activities with the compliance you need to adhere to federal government and OSHA requirements, as well as general staff compliances with breaks, OT, and more! The WrkSpot hotel management solution automatically generates compliance documentation, helping you meet obligations and reducing administrative burdens. 

WrkSpot also allows you to:

  • Track employee location for increased security and record-keeping
  • More easily onboard and train new hires
  • Better manage preventative maintenance
  • Treat employees fairly with more evenly dispersed work, which aids in retention
  • And much more!

Request a demo today and access the most advanced hotel management software currently available. 

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