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Preventive Maintenance Essentials for Housekeeping

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Hospitality is a service industry that needs to be in its best form 24x7 to provide its guests with a comfortable stay. A stay that lets the guest depart with satisfaction so that they not only willingly return to the hotel but also recommend the place to their acquaintances. For a memorable stay, everything within the hotel premises must run like a well-oiled machine so that guests do not face issues at any time during their visit.

For a machine to function smoothly, it needs regular oiling or, in the case of hotels, maintenance, so that all pieces of equipment are functioning efficiently. Preventive Maintenance is performing regular checks on equipment to reduce the likelihood of failure or breakdown in between usages. Regular maintenance of housekeeping can ensure avoiding any embarrassing situations for hotel owners. Such breakdowns lead to increased costs of downtime and causes inconvenience to the guests. Performing Preventive Maintenance requires a thorough knowledge of all equipment and facilities of the hotel. Housekeepers and managers are well aware of these, having worked with them daily. Using this knowledge can help them stay on top things and correct issues, both anticipated and unexpected.

To combat this the best way, hotels must make use of the 80/20 thumb rule here. Using this rule, hotels can plan and divide their maintenance requirements as – 80% of attention given to reducing scheduled fixtures and the remaining 20% for future emergencies. This plan is beneficial in improving the quality of the guests’ stay. Also, being proactive towards Preventive Maintenance helps save on costs that can be spared for future unfortunate mishaps.

Key Areas that need Renewed Maintenance
Guest Rooms: The bedroom is probably the most essential part of a hotel for the guest. It is the first thing they will look at after having traveled a long way. Therefore, entering a bedroom that is tidy and pleasantly fragrant can instantly light up their tired faces. Keeping the current situation in mind, guests stepping into the hotel will be stringent about the hygiene protocol being followed. Ensure that you review your property's cleaning and sanitization processes regularly. This should then be followed by a run through UV lights and other medical-grade cleaning materials to give the guest nothing but the best.

Air-conditioning: Maintaining the air quality, post lockdown, needs to be prioritized as viruses can be transmitted via air. Air conditioning has been seen as the most common complaint that guests have. The complaints range from the inability of the air conditioning to function at the desired level of the guest to the potential bad odor it may be releasing. Therefore, regular maintenance of air conditioning can help prevent these complaints. It can also bring to light any leaks that might release harmful ozone-depleting gases in the atmosphere.

Lighting and Fixtures: A well-lit space can brighten the worst of moods. But if guests were to experience a light fallout amidst their stay, they may only be disappointed. To avoid such a situation, hotels must conduct regular checks to keep their lighting in top conditions.

Heating systems: Maintaining heating systems can be an expensive affair, but they have an immediate impact on a guests’ experience. Ensure to keep a regular maintenance check of the heating systems as leakages in them can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria.

Water supply systems: Hotels now need to make sure that the water being used in the hotel properties are in no way dangerous to the health of the guests. Any leaks in the pipes, even the minute ones, can damage the infrastructure and, in turn, ruin the guests’ experience.

Kitchen: Customers are wary of dining out, but if they have stepped into your hotel for a good experience, ensure to provide them with one. One can do this by paying particular attention to the maintenance of all equipment used in the kitchen and ensuring high standards and compliance as per the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). The kitchen staff, too, needs to follow protocols such as wearing gloves, masks and toques at all times to maintain hygiene.

Installing Maintenance Software
Making use of technology as a Preventive Maintenance software provides the managers with extensive control over their hotel's well being. A software like WrkSpot practically runs the hotel properties with minimal human intervention. Making use of these can smoothen the administrative duties, keep all pieces of equipment in good condition with regular checks when required, and reduce unnecessary costs. Are you impressed with WrkSpot already? Well, there's more to it. This software automatically schedules regular maintenance without having to worry about them, and it can be managed from anywhere at any time!

To summarise, housekeeping has a direct impact on the customer experience. The housekeeping staff are the ones that look after the needs of the customers closely. They are also the first ones to spot a malfunction and they have direct access to the rooms and its equipment. Regular maintenance of these can ensure that the guests have a smooth and worry-free experience. It also shows the guests that the staff is alert and proactive and cares for their health. In the post-COVID period, it is essential to remember that guests, while stepping out of their safe spots at home, rely on the hotel to not only provide them with a comfortable but also a safe and clean stay.

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