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Perfect matches: Peanut butter & chocolate, cookies & milk, WrkSpot & ...WrkSpot

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It’s Valentine's Day. The day we celebrate our loved ones. Our mates. Our significant others. Today is an opportunity to reflect on what makes a great union between two things. My wife and I, for example, are different in many ways… she doesn’t like action movies, I don’t like sappy romances. She’s a pescatarian, I’m a carnivore. She likes kale, I don’t. You get the idea. But we are really fantastic together. Why? Yes, I “married up” as my friends would say (significantly I might add). But I think it’s more fundamental than me doting on her. It’s because we align on our core values, such as: how we raise our kids, our views on money, and a belief that we need to help our local communities. You might say while we’re different, we’re better together. Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

When I was evaluating whether to take on my role at WrkSpot, and I was trying to understand the value proposition, it took me a moment to get it because WrkSpot is doing something new. But then it hit me. WrkSpot combines the notion that you have to manage your people well to manage your operations well. Both are critical in a successful hotel. Both are interconnected. Why not solve for both in a single application? Perfect Match post_image 1_Feb 2022It seems a perfect match. When I looked around, hotels needed to purchase, train on, and use a minimum of three different applications to do what WrkSpot does. But it’s more than just combining apps to simplify your life that makes WrkSpot so powerful. Because WrkSpot helps you run your operations, it can align your team around common goals and provide key metrics and insights to help you manage your people’s performance. You can also provide training through WrkSpot and enhance your communications to ensure everyone hears a consistent message.

WrkSpot facilitates the performance management cycle… and when your people continuously deliver as a result, your results – i.e., guest reviews and your bottom line – continuously get better.  Every really good GM I’ve talked to knows the “secret” to success is managing their people well. You can see in their staff. They are upbeat, professional, and the rapport they have with their manager is one of complete respect.

Perfect Match post_image 2_Feb 2022

If these processes are connected in the “real world”, why should applications artificially separate them?

In the hotel space, many of the most successful properties and companies are focused on people and performance management, yet I see only horizontal tools like ADP or Zenefits that have no understanding of hotels and how they operate. Then hotels have to use a combination of other tools to manage the work of their front desk, housekeeping and maintenance teams. The different systems have no knowledge of each other.  

WrkSpot addresses the question: Why not marry the people processes to the operational processes? We believe that by doing so, we can help you take your hotel to the next level of success.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t address the situation where you own or manage multiple hotels. In this case, your people and operational challenges can get even more complex. You get even farther from the front lines that really create the brand of your hotels. This is a challenge WrkSpot is taking head on, which truly excites me. We not only solve for the single hotel, but we enable the home office (or “Corp” shown below) to have better visibility and operational control over the properties. Above-property leaders can drive down policies, budget, goals, and communications easily across their entire organization, while monitoring performance and getting access to key details of all their properties in one place.Perfect Match post_image 3_Feb 2022

Does this vision sound exciting to you? Contact us today for a demonstration and decide for yourself if WrkSpot is the perfect match for your organization.

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