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Got Lion-like Resilience?

Most definitions of resilience focus on the ability to bounce back from setbacks, adapt to change and keep going in the face of opposition.

Our state of mind is affected by uncertainty over what we have control over versus what is unpredictable. It is a common aversion for many of us to walk uncharted paths. Let's face it, we usually fear them at first. However, we can adapt to changes by being brave despite our experiences if we have resilience as lions do.

Resilience awareness underpins both your former and current views and your responses to the past, unlike past mistakes, which contribute to your feelings of self-doubt and distress. The good news is that resilience can be cultivated by gradually learning techniques for improving your initial reaction to something bad or unwanted.

So what can we learn about embracing change from a superior animal kingdom? First, hone in and understand that your mindset comprises three elements:

State of Mind: We must reflect on our current attitudes and dispositions before we can change them for the better. 

Situation: Wherein we must understand the nature of the arena in which we play and our place within it.

Status: Once we know where we are coming from, we need to take stock of where we are along our path. Upon facing difficulty, lions rely on their instincts to move into the opportunity they desire and adjust accordingly. 

Like lions, we must align, claim our purpose, and move forward with optimism as we navigate uncharted territory. A lion persona heightens your level of courage, strength, and leadership through BRAVE steps:

Anita lion (1)Belief: What beliefs are impairing you from moving forward?

Readiness: Going within oneself and preparing for your process.

Alignment: Positioning yourself from the past to the present.

Vision: Stepping into the future with self-promoting thoughts.

Engagement: Calming your mind and internal dialogue.

By breaking out of old mindsets that don't serve us and switching to positive, new modes with a bigger perspective of who we are, perseverance and determination lead to discoveries. Today, we have many reasons not to be brave, but none are unbeatable. Developing personal resilience requires the right tools, attitudes, and commitment--what I call lion-like courage.

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