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Five elements of great leadership

WrkSpot's 5 elements of great leadership from Anita K

Leadership is a combination of charisma, skill and the ability to motivate others to succeed in doing the things you want done. While there are countless resources on leadership, here are five key takeaways to inspire, practice and more importantly, sharpen your influence.

Aliveness: You are qualified to lead. You have mastered knowledge and expertise in your area and awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses, that allow you to effectively mentor and influence others. 

Adoration: Build up your team. You hired them for their talents, specialized experience and for what they bring to the table. Employees who feel appreciated will always outperform what is expected of them. Make sure you communicate your admiration and appreciation for their contributions.

Acceptance: Don’t just push the bottom line. Although it is an end goal, the other milestones need to be synchronous as well. Your role is to creatively manage talent and build the strategic blueprint to ensure future success.  

Accurate Actions: You lead by example. Your management skill, consistently demonstrates the path for success. How you navigate tasks and interpersonal relationships is the foundation for others to follow.

Agility: Your mindset is fundamental but fluid. You profitably balance your employees’ expectations and endurance, strength and sustainability. You give them short-term goals coupled with long-term milestones. 

You have within your grasp the skills to be a great leader. Keeping these five attributes sharp will help ensure a long-standing influence with others. Know yourself, be confident in your position, practice behaving bravely, consistently monitor your self-awareness and truly lead by example. Position yourself for the win and remember this is your job.

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