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Ebook - The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Hotel Staffing Challenges

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New Ebook! There has been an exodus of people from hospitality, particularly from hotel work and housekeeping. Hotels are finding it difficult to fill positions, with a heavy burden landing on general managers. Many managers make do with small teams that wear multiple hats, which may work well enough while vacancies are low. But what is this costing in overtime and disgruntled managers and staff? And what are hotels doing to seriously prepare for the reality that peak season full hotels will happen again?

Our new ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Hotel Staffing Challenges, looks at how the right technology can help alleviate many staffing challenges and help hotels get ready for the influx of guests that will come.

Hotel Technology That Solves Problems

One of the biggest issues facing small and mid-size hotels is that they continue to rely on manual processes and fail to take advantage of automation. Hotel technology that integrates systems like scheduling and maintenance workflows saves managers time, prevents issues like too much overtime, and offers options for guests to self-serve–like checking in or requesting items via an app that reduces front desk workloads. 

You do not have to be a big player to have incredible apps and technology at your fingertips.

Download our ebook to learn:

  • The true effects technology can have on hotel management
  • How to schedule better and stay compliant with smart hotel tech
  • How software can improve hiring and retention
  • And much more!

Download our ebook to learn more!

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